50 Shades of Greatness

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Preference #70 (The Wanted) - You do something he doesn't like
  • Nathan: You'd been smoking for years, and it had never been a problem. Until you started dating Nathan. You knew he hated it and you tried to stop, but you always told yourself, "One more cigarette, just one." That "just one" turned into a whole pack, and soon, you were smoking like a chimney again. One day, after Nathan came outside to see you, cigarette in hand, smoke swirling around you, that he finally said, "Y/N, I love you, but this is a deal-breaker. I'm not going to watch you kill yourself." His heart-breakingly sincere words and sad eyes made your decision for you: you were done for good this time. You and Nathan went inside, flushed your entire pack down the toilet and threw out your spare, and you haven't smoked since.
  • Siva: Whenever you got in the car, whether it was to drive or to ride, you never put your seatbelt on. Siva had mentioned to you several times that you should wear it, but you never really took his words to heart. This time, when you and Siva piled into the car to go grocery shopping, he buckled you in himself. When you gave him a "what-the-hell" look, he shrugged and said, "I'll do what I can to keep you safe. You never know what could happen on the road, Y/N. It scares me." He looked truly worried, so you vowed to him and yourself that you'd put your seatbelt on from now on.
  • Jay: You'd always cracked your knuckles when you were nervous or anxious. Although Jay never said anything about it, you knew he hated it; everytime you cracked a knuckle, he'd flinch slightly or his expression would go blank, trying to hide how grossed out he was. You were cutting back on doing it, but every now and then, you would slip up and crack them without even realizing you were doing it. This was the case one afternoon, when Jay grabbed your hand, mid-crack, and simply said, "Stop." You listened, and since then, Jay does this whenever you start to crack your knuckles.
  • Tom: You'd been biting your nails since you were a kid, whenever you were focusing hard. It didn't really bother Tom very much, but as you became more stressed with school and work, you started doing it more often; so often, that it's like he always saw you biting your nails. Finally, after you returned home from another stressful day, Tom said, "Y/N. Keep your damn fingers out of your mouth. You gotta stop biting your nails, babe. Seriously." You glared at Tom, but silently agreed. It's a conscious effort, but you always manage to remember to not bite your nails.
  • Max: Max has always had a pet-peeve about gum-snapping. Unfortunately, you do it all the time. So, whenever you're chewing gum, Max keeps a close eye on you, making sure you chew silently. Whenever you snapped your gum, he shot you a dirty look and flicked your arm. When you asked him why he did that, he replied, "I'm training you not to do it. Like a dog." He smirked as you glared at him, but his "training" was successful; you don't snap your gum (at least, not when he's around).
  • -Kennedi

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